Writer/Creator. For Hire.

Welcome to my online home.

I am a writer, creative consultant, and trainer with roots in environmental management and ecology. Analytically, I identify and connect contexts across issues, disciplines, and audiences. Aesthetically, I embrace thoughtful messaging, inspired wordplay, and elegant design.

As a writer, I frame messages and pen eloquent copy to help nonprofit, academia, government, and industry clients connect with their audience — explaining their societal impact and core mission. As a consultant, I design resonant strategies and memorable brands — producing evocative stories, digital content, advertising collateral, and experiential events. As a trainer, I teach scientists and experts how to concisely and engagingly communicate their knowledge to others — answering the question “why should I care?” for communities and decisionmakers.

You can click here to see a sampling of my clients and collaborators, or you can find me on LinkedIn and on Twitter.

You can get to know my writing style and aesthetic through my 2015 independent writing project, See. Food. Write.or browse clips of my science writing on Muck Rack. And for a fun dive into fish biodiversity, head over to Better Know a Fish!

Thank you for stopping by. I hope I can help you in some way.

Ben Young Landis