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Welcome to my portfolio. I solve word problems.

I am a professional writer and creative strategist specializing in science, environment, and society. Analytically, I identify perspectives and contexts across issues, disciplines, and audiences. Aesthetically, I embrace thoughtful messaging, inspired wordplay, and elegant design

My training is in environmental management and in ecology, often exploring the intersection of natural history and the human experience. I greatly appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge — science and humanities are merely different lenses to view the same world, each as important as the other. And as we continue to define humanity’s relationship with the planet, we must examine all perspectives, from the statistical to the spiritual. For example, just ask yourself — what do you value in Nature, and why?

You can get to know my writing style and aesthetic through my independent writing project, See. Food. Write.


Then click through my portfolios in science writing, communications training, and creative design. Or head over to Better Know a Fish for a fun dive into fish biodiversity.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope I can help you in some way.

Ben Young Landis