Feeding Dive

It took probably 70 shots before this perfect one came along on this gorgeous day in Orange County, California.  A wonderful afternoon with great friends and truly “great” company in this blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus).

Captain Bob Steffan of Newport Landing Whale Watching gave a great, informative tour; he estimates this blue at 55 feet.  Although this was the only whale we saw, I couldn’t have asked for more on my first whale watching trip.

Naturally, we also saw the aftermath of such a feeding dive:

Taken July 10, 2009 aboard the Ocean Explorer off of Newport Beach, California, using a Canon PowerShot A610.

First published online in Sciencedude on August 01, 2009 and in page B6 on August 02, 2009, The Orange County Register (Santa Ana, California).

(and no, the whale poop photo was not published in the paper… just the whale tail…)


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