Coastwatch Retrospective

Cover photo: Ben Young Landis. Design: Linda Noble

Permit me to raise a glass to NOAA’s North Carolina Sea Grant and my editor there, Katie Mosher, as well as Kathleen Angione and Linda Noble.

The training and experience I gained with Sea Grant allowed me to move forward in my career and helped me develop as a writer, interviewer and graphic artist. Not to mention exposing me to fascinating stories of people dedicated to coastal sciences and industries.

Here is a look back at some of those stories (with lede):

Community Supported Ingenuity
Coastwatch Winter 2010 issue
Up and down the East Coast, something fishy is happening in local communities. People gathering at Harvard University to pick up freshly caught cod and pollock. A truck pulling up to an inland Maine church to deliver shrimp from nearby Port Clyde.

Dreams of Black Pearls
Coastwatch Spring 2010 issue
John Thomas Osborne has some unfinished business. It’s a project he’s been working on since he was four.

Rebuilding the Economy, One Oyster at a Time
Coastwatch Summer 2010 issue
Pamlico Sound’s economy and ecosystems are getting a much-needed boost this year, courtesy of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. More than 130 jobs are being created for contractors, barge workers, commercial fishermen, truck drivers and many other coastal residents — all from a $5 million Recovery Act grant to restore 49 acres of oyster reefs in local waters.

Listening to the Sea
Coastwatch Summer 2010 issue
To many of us, “spiny dogfish” are meaningless words. Some of you might know it’s a small species of shark, while others know that the species is found worldwide and eaten by Europeans as “rock salmon” or used in fish and chips.

On Currituck Pond
Coastwatch Holiday 2010 issue
Mainland Currituck County is experiencing a gentle reawakening. The sleepy, humid coastal air that bathes this serene lowland of hardworking farmers and fishermen and buoys many an easygoing Sunday afternoon is now joined by a steady breeze of innovation and inspiration.



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