“Sangre de Toro”

“Sangre de Toro”

Concept: Ben Young Landis
Storyboard: Ben Young Landis
Puppeteer: Ben Young Landis
Cinematographer: Jacob O. Iversen

Directed by Jacob O. Iversen
Produced by Ben Young Landis and Jacob O. Iversen, November 2013

Photo by Jake Iversen

Growing up, my folks would have bottles of Sangre de Toro around the house, and as a kid I always played with their iconic plastic bulls, collecting the different poses. Years later, I smiled after finding the same wine — and the same (though more stylized) bulls — on my own trips to the store.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with Vine lately, and this was one of those fun random ideas that come to you in the shower. The dinosaur had long been posing next to my herd of toros on the fireplace mantle, and the idea clicked. 

The shoot took about an hour of experimentation along with the final take. Jake Iversen (aka Zeikobu) set up the shots and manned the iPhone, which was rubber-banded to a table-top tripod. The audio is jumbled from the frame shots, but you can take a wild guess at the particular aria it’s sampling from.

The sangre de toro? Ketchup. 





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