I am a professional writer and communications consultant specializing in science, environment, and society, with experience in journalism and public relations.

I greatly appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge — science and humanities are merely different lenses to view the same world, each as important as the other. As we continue to define humanity’s relationship with the planet, we must examine all perspectives, from the statistical to the spiritual. For example, just ask yourself — what do you value in Nature, and why?

I am currently accepting clients and collaborators for the following services:

  • Copywriting, especially advertising copy, tweets, press releases, and speech writing.
  • Science writing, especially feature stories, explainers, and personality profiles.
  • Communications training for scientists, including one-on-one coaching for media interviews, and group workshops on explaining science to lay audiences.
  • Strategic planning on mission, vision, and message crafting for organizations, projects, and individuals.

Please inquire regarding rates, including those for students, postdocs, and nonprofits.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ben Young Landis
P.O. Box 162692
Sacramento, California 95816